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Multi-cloud delivery with Kubernetes

For many companies the past year has seen Docker workloads using Kuberentes move out of the “Innovation Laboratory” and into real world production. With real world production concerns, these applications have moved beyond simplistic continuous delivery pipelines that promote a single service at a time to a single cluster.

Today, deployments coordinate across multiple services and elements that outside Kubernetes. Multiple clusters are increasingly normal and spreading the work across multiple regions or clouds is catching on. Last week at, IBM Think, I had a chance to catch up with my friend Paul Bahrs, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. He walked me through a highly available Kubernetes based application he’s working on with a client and the sophisticated continuous delivery pipeline they use to update it rapidly and safely. Very cool stuff.

I knew we had to share this story with a wider audience, and I’m please to say that we will. Come learn from Paul at our Webinar May 3rd as we talk about some real world continuous delivery for a complex app that leveraged cloud, Kubernetes and, for a good measure, a service bus.