UrbanCode Velocity

UrbanCode Velocity strengthens VSM position

UrbanCode Velocity is introducing new features at an accelerating rate. (Insert your velocity-related pun here.) The 1.1.0 version introduces support for Red Hat’s OpenShift, and IBM Cloud Private. UrbanCode Velocity runs in Docker containers and can run virtually anywhere the container orchestrators Docker Compose, and Kubernetes can run; bare-metal servers, VMs, public or private clouds—you name it.

Since its initial release, UrbanCode Velocity has provided strong Value Stream Management (VSM) features. Using the Pipeline, you can integrate popular tools, such as UrbanCode Deploy, Jira, Jenkins, and ServiceNow with Velocity’s own lightweight release management and reporting features.


VSM comes out of lean manufacturing where customer value drives the manufacturing process. With VSM, lean practices move into software product development. Because customer value already defines the Agile, DevOps software space, VSM is a compelling fit.

It’s hard to define VSM in a simple blog post without sounding like marketing gobbledygook. This definition is OK although vague: A value stream represents the steps that an organization performs to provide continuous value to customers.

The challenge for agile software developers is that the value stream is difficult to measure. Automated tools are frequently silo’d and handoffs between tools and organization are too often ad hoc or otherwise hard to trace.

The truth is that no one tool in the IT toolchain contains all the critical information required to deliver an effective or reliable value stream. Information is strewn across the value stream in multiple systems. UrbanCode Velocity brings the pieces together in a single measurable frame. This enables a seamless and auditable transfer of information across the enterprise.

To circle back to our VSM definition, VSM recognizes the reality of multi-tool toolchains and provides the metrics necessary to ensure that development aligns customer satisfaction with strategic objectives.

It’s not just about how fast you can deliver; it’s about the value you deliver at speed.

UrbanCode Velocity is available in two versions. The free to use Community Edition provides reporting tools that you can integrate with other tools, such as UrbanCode Deploy. The full-featured Standard Edition is free to use for 60 days.

To get your free trial of UrbanCode Velocity, visit https://uc-velocity.com/.