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A Perfect DevOps Week at Think

I’ve been asked by a number of clients for great DevOps sessions to look out for during Think. Here’s a sample agenda.


Most of you will just be arriving and getting settled. See the city!

If you are all-in on UrbanCode, consider spending the day with us at a special session where we’ll talk roadmap and best practices. Contact Customer Advocacy Manager, Randi Anderson at

Those in the “Inner Circle” will also have good choices around testing, mainframe devops, multi-cloud management and more. Get in Sunday night and work through that agenda builder.


Early Morning

Consider the fun run at Yueba Gardens at 6:30 in the morning. Or sleep in and get a good breakfast instead.

8:30 and 9:30

Head to Moscone Center South, room 201, in time for Riyad Bank’s 8:30am talk on transformation and using Kubernetes (IBM Cloud Private). Stay in the room for my session at 9:30 “What’s New in DevOps”. This should set the tone for the week and help you decide where you want to spend your time.


Now it’s time to get out of the building, head outside and over to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. At 10:30, session 6926 “Managing the Hybrid Multicloud World for Digital Transformation” looks at how to tackle managing workloads spread across multiple clouds.

12:30 and 1:30

Get lunch, and head back to Moscone room 204 at 12:30 for “Modernization with Enterprises with Kubernetes and DevOps”. By now you have heard some Kubes and some DevOps and its really time to put it together with a “real world” story. Then head upstairs at 1:30 to room 302 for session 1214, “How to Realize the Value of DevOps”. This panel will rock, featuring an analyst, a customer, an IBM distinguished engineer and our moderator, Alan Shimel, of


Take a break and socialize before heading to the Chairman’s Address at 3pm which will be filled with great customer stories, announcements and entertainment. As that wraps, join us for the grand opening of the Expo hall and get some demos of tools that caught your eye through the day.



While there’s plenty of variety on Wed, this is definitely “mainframe day.”

8:30 and 9:30

You’re starting your day at 8:30 again. Rosalind Radcliffe can’t be missed talking CI, CD, APIs and open source on the mainframe. Consider heading over to the Metreon at 9:30 to hear the team from IBM Global Business Services talk about “IBM DevOps Commander” a clever solution to standing up DevOps toolchains in a repeatable way. Pick up lessons learned for your own teams that deliver tools as a service.


If you went over to the Metreon, hustle back to Moscone and choose your adventure at 10:30. If you work anywhere near a mainframe, go to David Huber of US Bank’s talk on continuous testing (session 3224 in room 204). He has great insights on APIs, continuous delivery tools and test automation. For a more cloud-centric experience, go to Roland Barcia and Dave Mulley’s talk on Modernization (room 208, 3198). They’ve been there and done that when it comes to moving to containers and getting DevOps pipelines going.


Have an early lunch again and come back to Moscone room 204 for an UrbanCode Deploy and Release talk from DNB (the largest financial services group in Norway). I love this story due to its breadth and complications. They have plenty of outsourcing vendors and apps on everything from the mainframe to .Net and plenty of governance including ServiceNow integrations.


Head downstairs to the Exhibit Hall for your first “Think Tank” session at 1:30 in Cloud Think Tank G (session 8071) – for a look at the Microclimate developer experience for ICP, Jenkins and UrbanCode Deploy and Velocity working in concert. My friend, Al Wagner, is leading this session. It’s sure to rock.


InnerCircle participants might look up the ModelOps session while everyone else stays in the Expo Hall for a discussion of the business impact of Cloud-Native (Cloud Theater F). Either way, by 3:30 you should be back upstairs in the Moscone Ballroom 207 for session 3608 with Roland and Andrea Martinez (Cloud Garage CTO) for a look at “Modern” and “Heritage” DevOps. The concept seemed funny to me until I saw more of their presentation. It’s surprising stuff, and dead-on. Go there.


The 4:30 slot offers an embarrassment of case studies. Lloyds Bank is talking about DevSecOps (Moscone 202), BNPP discusses bringing mainframe and distributed devs together with DevOps (AMC Theatre 11), and AllState highlights leadership from its mainframe teams in pushing DevOps with RTC and UCD (St Regis Hotel, Level 4, Conservatory).  Spend Wednesday night away from the busy conference. Get a great dinner at one of the fantastic dining options San Fran has to offer.


8:30 and 9:30

You’re probably already tired and may be sleeping in. That’s great – there’s a long day ahead of us. If you are up early, look for DevSecOps at 8:30. Otherwise, start your day at 9:30 in Moscone 203 with Sunil Joshi (session 1124). He brings forward a lot of the strong techniques we learned in traditional architectures and modernizes them for cloud-native. This is a great session for those trying to bridge between the existing and the hyper-modern.


Walk down the hall to room 208 for an introduction to UrbanCode Velocity (session 7326). While you will have seen a bit of Velocity working with Jenkins pipelines so far, this session will focus on using Velocity to surface bottlenecks in your delivery process so you can drive excellence within your team or across your enterprise.

11:30 and 12:30

A smorgasbord of options for lunch time – thismight be the day to pack some Powerbars!

  • 11:30 Transformation to Site Reliability Engineering. Session 2168. Moscone 201.
  • 11:30 Create and Develop a Microservices App with Microclimate. 4336. AMC Theater 8.
  • 12:30 How DevOps helps Fannie Mae House America. 7939. Moscone 206.
  • 12:30 Overview of IBM public Cloud DevOps Strategy: AMC Theater 8. Session 4593.
  • 12:30 IBM Z: Accelerating Digital Transformation: Expo Hall. Cloud Theater H.
  • 12:30 How Rabobank is Building a New Generation of App Testing. Intercontinental Hotel C. Session 4952.

If you powered through with snacks, go find something to eat. There are good choices at 1:30, but you probably need a break.

2:30 and 3:30

Head down to the Exhibit Hall for a 2:30 with Mike Kaczmarski, IBM Fellow. He’ll demo development, delivery and production monitoring tools in the context of an application running in a hybrid / multi-cloud way.

At 3:30, DevOps transformation leaders should then head over to Theater G for one of my sessions, “A Perfect Storm: Microservices, Cloud and DevOps Meet”.


Especially if you missed Rabobank’s talk earlier, join Michael Kaczmarski again along with Ralph Van Beek of Rabobank in Moscone 201 at 4:30.


At 5:30, wrap up your day next door (Moscone 202) with Laurel Dickson-Bull and Steve Boone to learn how teams are scaling continuous delivery, a.k.a., DevOps Day 2. Laurel and Steve will tie together much of what you heard about this week.


9:30 and 10:30

At 9:30 in Moscone 204, Ingo Averdunk provides an overview of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Wrap-up with our dynamic duo from Germany, Thomas Mueller and Oliver Lucht in Moscone 201 at 10:30. They’ll dive into the relationship between cloud platforms and continuous delivery.

What a great way to wrap your week!