UrbanCode Velocity

UrbanCode Velocity and value stream visualization

UrbanCode Velocity is extending its lead in the rapidly evolving Value Stream Management (VSM) space. VSM, for those still unfamiliar with the concept, integrates software delivery into an organization’s business model. VSM connects multiple roles with integrated DevOps tools.

Integrating tools and roles is not new, of course. UrbanCode Velocity already provides self-service releases with templates and automated controls. Its pipeline delivers a single view of multi-service tests, cross-platform tooling, and deployment technologies.

What is new, and what distinguishes VSM from previous DevOps toolchains, is the integration of DevOps metrics into the process. DevOps metrics captures the data flow from initial idea to final delivery, or value, and provides key performance indicators.

The UrbanCode Velocity features that we will introduce during the following months will define DevOps analytics and level-set the VSM space. Value stream visualization, for example, combines data, events, and artifacts within a single customizable view that measures efficiency and quality. Value stream visualization provides real-time visibility into the value stream.

The portfolio management feature tracks key performance indicators, such as trending cycle failure rate, and delivery rates vs. baseline, to name just two
New quality data plug-ins use the new plug-in framework to incorporate unit tests, functional tests, code coverage, and security vulnerabilities.

UrbanCode continues to be customer-obsessed, and customer led.


Value Stream Management