Releases and Updates

Introducing UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3 – Agent Logs Available in the UI

Agents add a ton of value to UrbanCode Deploy. They make sure the communication from our deployment server to our deployment target servers is secure and encrypted.

Agents also pair with relays to make sure that we can intelligently transfer files across the globe for international deployments, and make firewall management less painful when we have tens of thousands of endpoints.

For all of the good things we love about agents, getting to the logs can sometimes prove tricky.

Not every individual has access to production-like environments (obviously, that would not be secure), which can make accessing the agent logs for those servers time-consuming. During a support call or an emergency outage, minutes matter. If we can make it easier for users to access the information they need, perhaps we can save customers some valuable time and help reduce their MTTR.

We introduced web agents in UCD 7.0, a new form of agent communication that allows UrbanCode Deploy to scale to over 100K deployment targets.

In 7.0.3, we are adding to this technology by making the UrbanCode Deploy web agent logs easily accessible from the UI. Users can now navigate to the agent of their choice and click on the “Logs” link.

From here, they will see a listing of all available logs.




Want to get the latest and greatest logs? No problem. We have added a “Request Logs” button which will allow users to refresh the known logs and search to find any new logs that may have been created. This is a helpful functionality if you are using a rolling log strategy where new logs may be created frequently.




Check the blog next week for more information on UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3.