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Introducing UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3 – Not Environment Gates

Environment gates have always been a great way of ensuring that only quality code gets promoted to production-like environments. Whether you are applying them automatically after successfully running your test automation, or applying them manually as needed; Environment Gates play a key role in the resiliency of your environments and applications.

However, not all test cases catch every vulnerability and defect, and it is because of these reasons that we have added the “Not” Environment Gate.

New in UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3, “Not Gates” provide a way for users to define versions as broken, busted, buggy, or straight garbage.

Have you ever wanted to make sure that a version never gets deployed again? Now you can. Users can create a status of their liking to brand a specific component version as broken. Environment Gates define entrance criteria, in other words, a version must meet certain criteria in order to enter the environment.

With “Not Gates”, users can now check to make sure that part of the entrance criteria is making sure a component version does not have a specific status.

For example, in a production environment, your quality gates might look something like this:

In the photo above, we can see four environments with their gate definitions. The DEV environment has no gates, and any version can be deployed. QA, as an example, requires versions to have “Passed Regression” tests before entering the environment.

The Pre-Prod requires both the “Passed Regression” status as well as the “Passed Functional” status. The Pre-Prod environment is the first time we see the “Not Gate”. Notice the “Do Not Promote” status with the strike-through icon. This means any version with this status, regardless of what other statuses they might have cannot enter the environment.

This new functionality makes it easy for end users to quickly tag component versions and prevent poor quality artifacts from ever being deployed to your most important environments.

The UrbanCode Deploy development team has been hard at work gearing up for our next feature release, UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3, coming June 2019. Check back next week for more on the new features in UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.3.