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DevOps Enterprise Summit Dos and Don’ts

With nearly 1,000 attendees and 40+ speakers across three days, the DevOps Enterprise Summit can be an overwhelming event. How do you get the most out of this industry event? We’ve got you covered with our summit Dos and Don’ts.

DO have a plan

Save time at the show. Check out the show agenda online before you get there and write down the sessions you want to attend.

DO use the show’s app and Slack channel

Log into the official DOES London app and Slack channel for up-to-the-minute conference information and networking opportunities.

DO use #DOES19

Follow and contribute to #DOES19 on Twitter to keep the conversation going outside the conference.

DO get to keynote sessions early

Seats fill up quickly and many end up being standing room only.

DO score invites to exclusive happy hours

If you’re having dinner or drinks alone, you’re doing it wrong. Chat with vendors at the expo hall and you could get invited to one of the many sponsored events happening around the conference center.

DON’T try to attend every session

You’re not going to be able to make every session, but that’s ok – all sessions will be available online after the show.

DON’T forget about networking

If you focus too much on attending sessions, you’ll miss out on one of the most important elements of the show – connecting with industry experts. This summit is a great opportunity to share knowledge and discover new solutions.

DON’T miss out on prize drawings

Save some room in your suitcase for vendor giveaways. Aside from the freebies being handed out to everyone, a lot of vendors have drawings for high-value items like iPads and headphones on the last day of the show, so make sure you stick around to see if you’ve won.

DON’T ignore post-show emails

After the show, you’ll probably get a lot of emails from the conference and show vendors. Don’t assume these are all marketing ploys – a lot these emails will contain great information and resources like seminar recordings, whitepapers, ebooks, and slide decks.

Our UrbanCode experts will be at the show, offering demos of Deploy and Velocity and handing out UrbanCode swag. Make sure you stop by!