Releases and Updates

UrbanCode Velocity 1.2 Introduces Value Stream Visualization

On June 4, 2019, we proudly announced the release of UrbanCode Velocity version 1.2. This new version introduces the concept of value stream visualization, which helps product teams optimize software delivery flow.

Kanban boards and CI/CD systems require teams to piece together data from various systems in order to get a full understanding of their value stream. Rather than relying on these tools that only paint part of the picture, UrbanCode Velocity uniquely provides a real-time “dots” view that enables developers and business leaders to get a full picture of where the business value and waste resides, from idea to production operations.

On day one using the UrbanCode Velocity plugin framework, you can quickly connect user stories, defects, source control, build data, deployment, service desk, and release history from tools like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, UrbanCode Deploy, ServiceNow, and much more. The result is a coherent and real-time view of the value stream.

UrbanCode product development success is predicated on establishing deep customer relationships to surface emerging bottlenecks and opportunities. In the case of UrbanCode Velocity, we not only saw the challenges at our customers, but we also experienced them first-hand.

Our own development team needed to have better visibility across many tools and platforms to ensure that we’re bringing the very-best software to the market at the same fast pace of market demand and with the quality and safety our enterprise customers expect.

With UrbanCode Velocity, product managers can now see their business ideas flow from requirements to design cycles all the way through production operations — all without dependency on a manual process for the development team to piece together status from many systems.

And, product managers can now predict when new features will reasonably appear in production. This helps product management and designers become “first-class citizens” of a cross-functional delivery team, rather than remain outsiders for whom traditional continuous delivery tooling provides little visibility into the delivery status of business value. It allows the team to reason about bottlenecks across the end-to-end value stream; not those bottlenecks merely in the development process.

We’re excited about the potential of this new capability. It has helped improve our own results and we believe Velocity will be a cornerstone of how product teams self-manage their own processes.

We encourage you to upgrade your version of UrbanCode Velocity or download a trial today to check out this game-changing capability!