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Event Summary: DevOps India Summit

The 2nd series of the conference for India DevOps community, DevOps India Summit 2019 (DOIS 2019), was held on August 31 and Sep 1st, 2019 at Bangalore. There were 400+ attendees and 10+ exhibitors, and speakers from around the globe attended the event.  Microsoft, IBM, CollabNet, and few others conducted workshops and lightning talks on DevOps.

It was a packed agenda for the whole two days. Workshops and lightning talks were conducted in various 30 to 45 minutes format. I hopped onto a few of them including the ones that excited me on the workshop, The Value Stream Management.

UrbanCode Velocity has Value Stream Management capability and solves Day 2 Challenges, so I was curious to know what the speakers’ organization experience on those.

However, the speakers on DevOps were predominately sharing their DevOps Day 1 Challenges i.e. practices around software development and IT teams’ delivery automation, and also how they matured over the period. It is well suited for those who are beginning their DevOps journey.

However, DevOps buzzword started almost more than 10 years ago. Ever since, big enterprises adopted the culture and practice in their organization. Now DevOps has become a de facto practice in any technology company, whether it is a start-up, mid-size or large enterprise. Based on the responses from the attendees whom I interacted with were more conversant with DevOps Days 1 challenges and solutions. They were also like me to know what is next, which is about solving DevOps Day 2 challenges.

On the Values Stream Management workshops, there were a couple of key takeaways that liked me, i.e. Value Capture and Value Delivery i.e. how the investments planned at portfolio level translates into delivering the value. A lot of organizations now are keen to know what value their DevOps practices bringing on the table and that is where more focus lies for any transformational leader.

Figure 1. UrbanCode Velocity – Pipeline view 


As we know due to various constraints or bottlenecks, the flow of value slows down. This impacts the product release delivery. In the workshop, it was highlighted by one of the exhibitors. Though the story was told in different format and visuals, the way this story is told in the dots view of UrbanCode Velocity is impactful and relevant. Such visual representation, in Figure 1, gives the transformation leader or scrum team to exactly pinpoint where the bottleneck is the value chain with ease.

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