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Event Summary: The CLE Big Data Mega Meetup

UrbanCode was a sponsor of the 6th Annual Back To School Mega-Meetup, hosted at The Cleveland Natural History Museum. The unique venue provided a picture-perfect display for UrbanCode, with the one-and-only Balto admiring the UrbanCode swag.

This year also marks the 9th anniversary of Cleveland Big Data.

The evening was full of networking and learning, with breakout sessions like:

  • “Portability of Multi-Function Workloads in a Multi-Cloud World”
  • “Query Your Raw Snowflake Data Lake With No Data Prep”
  • “Serverless Streaming Analytics on Google Cloud”

The UrbanCode team passed out boxes of DOTS candy to celebrate the launch of UrbanCode Velocity, the first-of-its-kind tool for value stream management. The boxes highlight a free software download for users who want to get started building their own software value stream today.

If you’d like to learn more and UrbanCode Velocity, visit