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Coming Soon: UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4

Hello UrbanCoders,

It’s that time again, where we start looking ahead to the next feature modification release for UrbanCode Deploy. We expect to release UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4 in early October. This release will contain a bunch of cool enhancements that will make your day-to-day experience with UrbanCode Deploy that much more enjoyable.

Earlier in 2019 we committed to an ambitious roadmap that was designed to “wow” our customer base. Our area of focus has been around three core pillars; prioritizing customer needs, improving our upgrade experience, and architecting for the future.

The UCD 7.0.4 release sticks to this mission with a focus on usability, performance, and containerization improvements. Over the next month, we will be releasing a blog post each week until the release of UCD 7.0.4 that will highlight some of the new key functionality. Keep an eye out for upcoming articles that will go in-depth on our latest product enhancements, including:

  • Agent Relay UI Actions
  • Improved Upgrade Experience
  • Warning Statuses for Deployments
  • UI Enhancements
  • OpenShift Operator Support
  • Component and Resource Template Updates

We are excited to bring these features forward, and look forward to continuing to partner with our customers to bring meaningful changes to their DevOps initiative.

Stay tuned! There are more exciting details to come!

Steve Boone 
Head of Product Management





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