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Agent Relay Actions in UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4


As we approach the release of UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4, I wanted to talk about Agent Relay Actions, which will now be available through the UI.

Agent Relays play a critical role in scaling UrbanCode Deploy across the entire enterprise. Relays allow organizations to architect UrbanCode Deploy to support hundreds of thousands of agents (deployment targets) without needing to open hundreds of thousands of ports through your firewalls. This drastically reduces the amount of maintenance in adding new agents to environments, as you can simply point the new agent at the relay and let the relay handle the communication to the server.

One of the most common use cases for Agent Relays is assisting with deployments to far away destinations. Consider a scenario where you want to deploy a large set of artifacts from a data center in the United States to another data center in Japan, and these artifacts need to be deployed to dozens of different servers. Without an Agent Relay, these artifacts would get pushed dozens of times, which would saturate the network and cause delays. With an Agent Relay, UrbanCode Deploy can push these artifacts once to the relay in Japan, and then have the deployments happen from the relay to the local UrbanCode Deploy agents, eliminating the saturation or any possibility of delay.

One of the challenges with Agent Relays compared to Agents is that previously there were no methods of interacting with the Relays through the UI. With agents, users could stop, restart, view logs, and upgrade agents straight from the user interface. With relays, users needed to physically log into the server where the relay was installed if they wanted to interact. With the release of UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4, we have taken our first pass at adding Agent Relay Actions to the UI.

Agent Relays

Now users will be able to restart Agent Relays directly from the UI. This will prove extremely valuable if you want to auto-rebalance agents back to their original relay after an outage. Users can also now test the connection of their Agent Relays to the UrbanCode Deploy server similar to how they can test the agent’s connection to the server. Being able to test the connection of the Agent Relay will aid in troubleshooting connection issues and confirm that the Agent Relay has no issues communicating with the UrbanCode Deploy server.

In an upcoming release in the future, we hope to add an upgrade functionality to Agent Relay Actions, which will allow users to one-click upgrade their relays.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we march closer to our 7.0.4 release!


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