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Deployment Warnings in UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.4

Not everything is a success or failure. Occasionally, within an automated process there is a need to have users verify that certain conditions have been met, especially when teams are not mature enough in their automation to verify these situations programatically. Many people prefer to simply know if their deployment worked or if they didn’t. However, that leaves the challenge of letting application teams know that perhaps there is something they might want to verify.

Because of this, we have added deployment warnings to UrbanCode Deploy in version 7.0.4, due out later this month.

Benny Ng, an UrbanCode Development Engineer, has created an overview video of this functionality that details the different ways to implement fully customizable warnings within your processes, providing even better visibility into what has taken place during your deployments. Check out the video above!

benny ng

Benny Ng 
Development Engineer




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