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What’s new in UrbanCode Velocity 1.3

With the release of UrbanCode Velocity 1.3 we’re advancing how we solve the Day 2 DevOps problem of spotting the bottlenecks in your software delivery pipeline.

In our latest release of Velocity, we introduced the Metrics Bar. This feature gives you transparent and visible ways to display actionable metrics to your teams and business stakeholders. The included, out-of-the-box metrics are the standard measurements like lead time and cycle time. Now, you can add custom metrics via an API call. One metric that our team found interesting was build time – we added that to our own instance of Velocity and use that to measure performance.

Another new feature in UrbanCode Velocity 1.3 is called Insights. This displays metrics at a higher level than the metrics bar by showing you trends over time. Standard dashboards track delivery transformation through metrics like cycle time, deployment frequency, lead time, and failure rates. The Insights feature allows you to evaluate performance on the portfolio level. For example, if I manage five teams, I can use the Insights dashboards to see a visual representation of their performance, then drill down to see performance abnormalities for each team.

Soon, we will roll out audit reports in UrbanCode Velocity. With this feature, you will be able to download a .pdf displaying custom metrics and dashboards, or have a report regularly emailed to you.

Want to learn more about UrbanCode Velocity 1.3? Watch this recorded webinar.


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