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Seeking perfection by optimizing and automating flow – DevOps Webcast Series


Dr Eliyahu Goldratt shares in his book “The Goal”, “every organization has at any given point in time at least one constraint which limits the system’s performance relative to its goal”.

And as Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, & George Spafford point out in “The Phoenix Project”, one of the 3 guiding DevOps principles is to “optimize the system as a whole”.

There lies the challenge and something many organizations struggle with – finding and fixing the constraint(s) through a journey of continuous learning and experimentation to optimize the flow of ideas to production. Ideas which deliver value to the consumer and the business. After stating that, it really makes sense to begin this webcast series looking at techniques used to find the starting point, begin to optimize the core, and unlock the legacy moving along a path to unleashing the digital and moving to cloud.

Going forward our mission will be to deliver a variety of applicable topics – thought leadership, best practices, proven techniques, personal experiences, client stories as well as having experts share technical details on how to solve specific problems teams may be dealing with across the DevOps practice areas – continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing and continuous availability. And if things go as planned, all webinars will be focused towards answering the question of getting started and advancing on a DevOps transformation journey.

So, book mark this page as we will be continuously updating it with the webinar line-up as well as providing links to the recorded webcasts and what’s next in the series.

Upcoming Webcast schedule:

Date Time Duration Title Description Registration URL
May 5 – 6, 2020 starting at 11:00am ET All Day IBM Think Digital Event Experience IBM Think Digital will take place May 5–6, 2020 with a focus on responding to the impacts of COVID-19. Explore new ways of working, solve the most pressing issues facing business and society, and engage with the experts leading the way. Click here

Previous Webcasts and other items of interest:

Title Description Duration OnDemand Link
UrbanCode Velocity is a value stream management platform that integrates with all of your tools, bringing your DevOps data together once-and-for-all. – YouTube UrbanCode Velocity makes multi-tool data accessible and actionable using a powerful new DevOps Query Language, and a unique “dots” view to quickly spot bottlenecks. This video demonstrates a typical delivery pipeline in UrbanCode Velocity.

  1. UrbanCode Velocity 4-minute Demo (4:14)
Maintaining momentum: Managing a distributed team’s Value Stream How quickly times have changed! Not that long ago, small teams were gathering face to face for the daily stand up to share what they accomplished, what they are working on, and the challenges in their way.

With the work from home and self-isolation practices now the norm for the foreseeable future, the disruption of existing ways of working will lead to unforeseen blockers for many! Now, more than ever before, it is critical for businesses to manage their value stream and have remote visibility into their pipeline and well being of their employees providing a vehicle for continued collaboration across these distributed teams.

Join Eric and Al as they discuss how organizations can continue to have productive DevOps conversations while supporting the needs of the business and employees during times which present levels of disruption never seen before.

“Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam…. for the times they are a-changin’ – Bob Dylan”.

30min Click here
Transforming from Testing Tools to a Testing Platform Software customers are modernizing their applications for their journey into the cloud. However, there still are many mission-critical applications that need to remain monolithic.

As a result, this creates a challenge for testing teams looking to scale their efforts across different types of applications over various infrastructures — on premises and/or in the cloud.

Join us for this complimentary webinar as we discuss how to keep pace with the customer application modernization journey.

You will learn:

  • How the IBM Rational testing tools continue to evolve into a testing platform
  • Features and capabilities that teams can use to execute multiple test types on the same platform
  • More about our Rational Test Automation Server, which is built on containers
  • How to scale your test execution
60min Click here
Optimizing the core: Accelerating the Z System pipeline Why is it difficult to adopt DevOps and build value stream on the mainframe? Maybe because incremental changes are not pushed independently, there is a lack of versioned application deployments, deployments are not owned by the dev team, or mainframe teams are isolated and often work at different development paces than distributed teams.

By adopting IBM’s DevOps strategy and methodology, and leveraging IBM UrbanCode’s application release automation capabilities coupled with IBM Rational testing solutions, mainframe customers can realize and enjoy the efficiencies and effectiveness of building and delivering a strong value stream, just like their distributed counterparts.

Join Mark to during this webinar to learn how.

30min Click here
How zOS is Changing to support your DevOps Transformation – YouTube
  1. How z/OS is Changing – Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Distinguished Engineer (30:00)
Continuous Testing: a platform agnostic approach to higher quality software Testing modern applications is becoming more and more difficult. Distributed systems, external APIs, microservices and parallel development hampers testing efforts making it harder to shift left and find defects early. IBM’s testing solutions helps overcome these challenges and accelerates identification of defect much earlier in the lifecycle. Join Daniel during this webcast to learn how to record and run GUI functional tests, API functional tests, and to create virtual services that mimic the behavior of back-end systems. 30min Click here
Continuous Delivery / Continuous Testing: combining UrbanCode and Rational Testing capabilities in an automated continuous delivery process – YouTube
  1. Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing in 3 minutes (3:08)
Advances in Test Automation and Service Virtualization Hear from the Rational Test Workbench team on the latest advances in the test automation and service virtualization product set. If your team is building microservices, learn about our new Kafka testing and Docker resource monitoring solutions to help you understand how you can focus testing on the services for your business. Rational Test Automation Server users will see how the new remote Docker execution technology enables you to off-load test tasks to other systems, meaning users are able to scale execution across teams easily. We will also show how this release moves teams that are using UrbanCode solutions forward through integrations that help with deployment and value stream insights. 60min Click here
Continuous Delivery: automating and orchestrating deployments in the cloud UrbanCode Deploy offers the ultimate in continuous delivery capabilities used by organizations around the globe. The solution helps consolidate disparate automation from across the enterprise while centrally governing it all. Whether you are deploying to cloud instances, deploying microservices, or deploying applications to middleware or other server components on-prem, UrbanCode Deploy can help your teams achieve DevOps excellence in hybrid environments. Simply put…. UrbanCode Deploy can deploy anything to anywhere.

In this webinar we will take a deeper look at the UrbanCode Deploy integration with Blue Print Designer demonstrating how teams can:

  • Install the UrbanCode Deploy Agent automatically on ephemeral targets in your Cloud of choice
  • Complete the setup of the Application Model in UrbanCode Deploy automatically
  • Complete the “full stack” deployment of an application in the Cloud resulting in high fives across your organization
  • Automatically remove the UrbanCode Deploy Agent when the Cloud environment is destroyed along with all the associated resources used by the Application in UrbanCode Deploy
30min Click here
On Demand Infrastructure: provisioning environments with code Manually provisioning full stack environments can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply click a button to create your environments? With infrastructure as code you can easily, quickly, and reliably provision full stack environments with a single click of a button. Design your environments using the easy to understand Terraform configuration language and use this blueprint to create your full stack environments.

In this webinar we will

  • Take a look at the Terraform configuration language
  • Design a blueprint to create a full stack environment
  • Provision a full stack environment with the click of a button
30min Click here
On Demand Infrastructure: provisioning environments with code – other videos on YouTube
  1. Terraform Support in IBM Deploy Blueprint Designer (10:13)
  2. Application Process support in IBM UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer (9:51)
  3. Use Terraform with UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer to integrate with VMWare vRealize automation (9:52)
Using Value Streams Every Day Vendors in the new Value Stream Management (VSM) space talk a lot about understanding and optimizing processes. That’s fine, but when we talk to teams adopting our tools, process improvement is rarely the first thing they talk about. Bryant Schuck has been leading a development team that has been using our VSM capabilities for a while. Join Eric as he sits down with Bryant for a short conversation looking at how things change for a team that puts VSM visualization in place. 30min Click here
Seeking perfection through process optimization So often, organizations working to adopt DevOps initially focus on selecting tools and manipulating their choices to automate obsolete and flawed processes hoping to maximize efficiency. Automation is the easy part. But without optimizing the core and unlocking the legacy, an organization will never realize their true potential. Optimizing the system as a whole – a system made up of people, processes and tools – means reviewing, questioning and potentially changing how things are across the entire lifecycle.

So, during this session, let’s take a look at techniques to map the value stream, identify some of typical limitations/constraints, work through what it could become, and gain visibility into managing the invisible queues enabling organizations to make better decisions going forward.

30min Click here
Technology and Culture Change Together: The Four-Question Framework for DevOps Technology and culture are linked. Organizations that implement the right technology alongside cultural changes reap the benefits of technology. Read the blog post
What is DevOps? Andrea Crawford explains what DevOps is, the value of DevOps, and how DevOps practices and tools help you move your apps through the entire software delivery pipeline from ideation through production. 6min Watch the video


By the way….if you have ideas for topics you would like us to cover, leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the show!


Al Wagner is an IBM technical evangelist and DevOps enthusiast with more than twenty years of practical field experience in development roles driving thought leadership, strategic initiatives, and tangible solutions around DevOps and continuous delivery. Focusing primarily on deployment automation and continuous testing, Al has practical knowledge of the IBM DevOps solution having assisted, mentored, and enabled both internal IBM and external customer teams to solve their IT challenges. He has spoken at numerous conferences around the world on software development – principles & techniques – and authored/co-authored numerous papers and books including Application Release and Deployment For Dummies, Continuous Testing For Dummies, and Service Virtualization For Dummies.