UrbanCode Velocity

Shell Script Tasks with UrbanCode Velocity

A new “Shell” plugin in UrbanCode Velocity 1.5.1 brings the powerful flexibility of containerized shell execution as part of deployment plans. Simply add the plugin and integration to Velocity and you will be able to configure deployment plan templates with a new type of task to “Run a Shell Script”. 

Add the shell script plugin to your instance of Velocity 

Refer to documentation to see how to add an integration to your specific version of Velocity. If adding via a vsm.json file, check to see what fields to provide. Refer to documentation for the latest image string. An example vsm.json object is provided below. 

Adding the integration and plugin through a vsm.json file it will do three things: 

  • Adds the shell script plugin to your instance of Velocity. 
  • Creates a new shell script integration. For shell scripts, we should only ever need one integration per instance of VelocityA rare exception might be to use different plugin versions. 
  • Adds the shell script integration to the vsm.json for the value stream we uploaded it to. This is a side effect. Because this is not needed and might cause future confusion, you may want to re-download, remove the integration, and re-upload the vsm.json file, or just use a temporary value stream to upload the vsm.json and then delete the value stream when done. 

Add shell script tasks from deployment plan templates 

After the shell script plugin has been added and an integration created, simply navigate to your deployment plan and create a new task. When the task form is shown select “Shell Script” and type your script into the box provided. 

Click here to watch a 5-minute demo on setting up and using shell script tasks.

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