UrbanCode Velocity

Adding Properties to UrbanCode Deploy Tasks in Velocity

UrbanCode Velocity 1.5.1 introduces the ability to pass properties to an UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) task as part of a deployment plan. The UCD task is executed by UCD with application process request property values being passed from Velocity according to property name. 


An UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) integration is required. Create a deployment plan and create (or edit) an UrbanCode Deploy task. 

Simply add property name-value pairs to the “UCD Properties” text box within the create/edit task formName-value pairs should be formatted as “<property name>=<property value>”, with one property being set per line, as shown in the screenshot below. Properties of type “Text” and “Single Select” are set as literal values, while properties of type “Multi-Select” are set as comma delimited literal values. Properties of type “Checkbox” are set as Boolean (true or false). 

The values shown above correspond to the following UCD properties.

Run the task from Velocity.

Per execution, the application process request property values in UCD will match the values set in Velocity.

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