UrbanCode Deploy

Compression in UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.5

UrbanCode Deploy is a powerful tool for auditing compliance due to the fact that we store a new version of configurable objects such as processes, properties, and templates whenever they are modified. This allows the server to accurately show all information about past deployments, but also means that those records have to be stored in the database indefinitely. 

One of the goals of UrbanCode Deploy 7.0.5 was to address the growing size of a heavily used server. To accomplish that, we now compress the vc_persistent_record data in the database. Starting with 7.0.5, all newly created records will be stored in the compressed format. Internal tests have shown that a fully compressed vc_persistent_record table takes up 70% less space than its uncompressed counterpart. 

7.0.5 also includes an optional way to compress the existing vc data. More information about that can be found here as it requires further database actions to clean up the old, uncompressed data after the records are upgraded to store compressed data. 

The end result is UrbanCode Deploy’s storage footprint grows at a much smaller rate than before.