Artifactory Source Config

Version: 29

Note: When upgrading to version 18 or later from an earlier version, ‘Include Files’ is the replacement field for ‘File Extension’, which was removed.
This will need to be updated by customers previously using the ‘File Extension’ field. If the field was previously blank, no action is necessary.

The Artifactory source configuration plug-in includes steps to complete the following tasks:

  • Import artifacts from a Generic Artifactory repository as component versions
  • Import artifacts from an Artifactory repository corresponding to a Gradle or Ivy builds as component version

Alternate Options for Different Repo Types


The UrbanCode Deploy source configuration plug-in for Artifactory works with IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.0.1+, and Artifactory versions 2.0+. Some functions of the plug-in steps require Artifactory Pro version, such as recursive download.

The following steps are an overview of the process to follow:

  • Create a component and set the Source Config type to Artifactory.
  • Provide all details such as the Artifactory URL and Repository name.
  • Import new versions from Artifactory for this component.