Version: 21

The Artifactory automation plug-in includes steps to complete the following tasks:

  • Import artifacts from an Artifactory repository corresponding to a Maven, Gradle, or Ivy builds
  • Import NuGet packages from a remote NuGet repository through an Artifactory repository
  • Attach properties to a file or folder.
  • Change the status of a build, optionally moving or copying the build to a target repository.
  • Retrieve the latest build artifact within a SNAPSHOT.
  • Retrieve an archive file that contains all the artifacts for a specific build.

The plug-in provides the following steps that are related to downloading Artifactory files:

  • Download version (Maven build)
  • Download version (non-Maven build)
  • Download NuGet package

The following steps provide an overview of the process you follow

  • Create resources. To download artifacts from Artifactory, you must populate resources manually. You can view the resources that you create in the Resources view.
  • Define components, applications, and environments to automate deployment.
  • Deploy.

Available Steps

Refer to the plug-in documentation on the right for a complete list of steps.