DevOps Connect

Use your mobile phone and Bluemix services to manage your on-prem UrbanCode products. Receive UrbanCode Deploy and UrbanCode Release notifications on your iPhone.

DevOps Connect, formerly called IBM UrbanCode Sync, coordinates communication between UrbanCode Release and UrbanCode Deploy and IBM Cloud and Bluemix services. Use DevOps Connect’s pre-installed plug-ins to configure integrations with your UrbanCode on-prem products and Bluemix services, such as Continuous Release.

Install DevOps Connect on a computer that has access to UrbanCode Release and UrbanCode Deploy. DevOps Connect includes the following plug-ins:

  • IBM UrbanCode Deploy for Mobile. This plug-in provides UrbanCode Deploy data to UrbanCode Mobile users.
  • IBM UrbanCode Release for Mobile. This plug-in provides UrbanCode Release data to UrbanCode Mobile users.
  • UrbanCode Deploy for Cloud Reporting. This plug-in provides UrbanCode Deploy data to users of Continuous Release and Delivery Insights.


Integrations run periodically and sync data between the integrated products and the Bluemix services. Integrations use encrypted SSL connections and store data in encrypted databases. DevOps Connect encrypts the data before it provides it to the Bluemix services.

Continuous Release and Delivery Insights generate a script that you use to start DevOps Connect. The script contains credentials that DevOps Connect uses to identify your Bluemix service.

The first time that you run DevOps Connect, register it by using your IBMid. DevOps Connect generates a unique ID and receives a token that together forms its credentials. The credentials are used to establish secure connections and store configuration information and data in the cloud. The credentials are stored in the file.