z/OS External Artifact Repository

Version: 8

The External Artifact Repository plug-in includes the step to download artifacts from a Nexus or JFrog Artifactory repository into an UrbanCode z/OS type component.

Available Steps

Download Artifacts Download load a z/OS package.

Version 8

  • Added check box to allow insecure connection to Artifactory

Version 7

  • Added support to run in non zOS environment as well

Version 5

  • Enhancement to extract files for package format v2

Version 4

  • Implemented the proxy changes for artifactory server

Version 3

  • Implemented the api key changes for artifactory server

Version 2

  • PH20336 – Fixed the default value for extRepoURL and changed the plugin to fail when it is not able to download artifacts

Version 1

  • Initial release to download artifacts from external repository like NEXUS/ARTIFACTORY and then we can use Deploy Data Sets step to do zOS deployment.