FileNet – IBM Case Manager

Version: 1

IBM Case Manager simplifies the job of designing and building a case management system and provides a graphical user interface for case workers to easily manage cases. IBM Case Manager is deployed in an application server, and uses FileNet P8 to access and store content and solution assets.

The IBM Case Manager plug-in for UrbanCode deploy utilizes the configmgr_cl command-line interface to automate the tasks normally completed via the configmgr UI. All of the steps were tested with IBM Case Manager version 5.3.1. In order for all commands to function properly, version 5.2.1 or later is required.

Available Steps

Deploy Solution Runs a Deploy Solution task via the execute command for a specified production profile.

Export Solution Exports a case management solution from the development environment.

Export Security Manifest Exports a case management security configuration from the development environment.

Import Solution Imports a solution package into another environment.

Import Security Manifest Imports a security configuration package into another environment.

Apply Security Manifest Applies a solution security configuration that you have previously created.