Google Android SDK

Version: 3

View a demo of this plug-in here

The Android SDK plug-in includes steps to achieve continuous delivery of Android applications by interacting with emulators and physical devices. Refer to the PDF documentation for details on software requirements and usage. The plug-in includes process steps that are related to the following categories:

Application installation and removal

  • Install Application
  • Remove Application

Emulator management

  • Create Emulator
  • Remove Emulator
  • Start Emulator
  • Stop Emulator

Application testing

  • Unit Test
  • UI Test
  • Random UI Test

Interfacing with tools

  • ADB
  • Android

Available Steps

Install ApplicationInstalls the Android APK application.

Remove ApplicationRemoves the Android application.

Random UI TestRuns the monkey command for random UI Testing.

UI TestRuns the specified UI test against the application.

Unit TestRuns the specified unit test against the application.

ADBRuns the Android Debug Bridge command.

AndroidRuns the Android tool command.

Create EmulatorCreates an emulator.

Remove EmulatorRemoves an emulator.

Start EmulatorStarts an emulator.

Stop EmulatorStop an emulator.