IBM Installation Manager

Version: 4

IBM Installation Manager is a tool that you can use to install and maintain IBM software packages. Wizards guide you through the steps to install, modify, update, roll back, or uninstall IBM products. Use Installation Manager to install individual software packages on your local computer, or in conjunction with the IBM Packaging Utility to install software for an enterprise scenario. See the IBM Installation Manager product help to review feature details for all versions of Installation Manager and Packaging Utility.

Install this plug-in in IBM UrbanCode Deploy to get access to steps for working with IBM Installation Manager. No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.

General Support

This plug-in is developed and supported by IBM UrbanCode with assistance from the IBM UrbanCode Development Community. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the plug-in on GitHub. Click the Visit Project button above to see the source code. To download the latest plug-in release, navigate to the GitHub repository and click the release tab. All new Installation Manager plug-in versions will be listed there. We suggest that you follow the GitHub repository to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.


Available Steps

Execute Response FileExecute a response file using IBM Installation Manager.

Install or Upgrade IBM Installation ManagerInstall or upgrade IBM Installation Manager.

Uninstall IBM Installation ManagerUninstall IBM Installation Manager.