IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Source Config

Version: 12

The IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) source configuration plug-in includes steps to complete the following tasks:

  • Import a ruleApp from a Classic Rule Project in IBM Decision Center as a component version (Version 3 and prior)
  • Import a Project archive from Decision Services as a component version (Version 4 and later)

The following steps are an overview of the process to follow:

  • Create a component and set the Source Config type to IBM ODM.
  • Provide all details such as the ODM URL, DataSource, and RuleApp name.
  • Import new versions from IBM ODM for this component.

Compatibility Notes:

  • For ODM version 8.5 and earlier, Version 3 of the plug-in must be used to connect to the Classic Rule Projects. The latest versions of the plug-in function with Decision Services in 8.6 and later.
  • For ODM version 8.9.1 and later, Version 10 or later of the plug-in must be used to connect to the ODM Decision Center REST API.