IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT)

Version: 5

The Green Hat plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy that was shipped earlier has been split into the following two parts in the current release:

  • Rational Integration Tester plug-in, which helps you initiate integration tests from UrbanCode Deploy server.
  • IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) plug-in, which creates virtual services that model services which your application depends on. You can initiate the creation of virtual services from UrbanCode Deploy server.

All the three plug-ins (Green Hat plug-in, Rational Integration Tester plug-in, and Service Virtualization plug-in) can coexist on the same UrbanCode Deploy server. All the process steps supported by the individual plug-ins are still functional.

The step in the Rational Integration Tester plug-in (Run integration tests) must be run on the same system in which Rational Integration Tester is installed.