IBM UrbanCode Deploy for IBM UrbanCode Build

Version: 52

IBM UrbanCode Deploy provides release management and automation to improve speed, correctness, and traceability of complex application deployments.

This plug-in includes steps to create component versions in IBM UrbanCode Deploy and to upload files to component versions.

Available Steps

Add Component Version Status Add a status to an existing component version.

Create Component Version Create a component version in UrbanCode Deploy and optionally upload files to it.

Deploy Component Version Deploy a component version in UrbanCode Deploy.

Set Component Version Properties Set properties on an existing component version.

Upload All Artifact Sets Upload all artifact sets to UrbanCode Deploy.

Upload Artifact Set Upload an artifact set to UrbanCode Deploy.

Upload Artifacts To Version Upload artifacts to an existing component version in UrbanCode Deploy.

Create Version Link Create a link on a version that links back to the build life in IBM UrbanCode Build

Create Environment Snapshot Create a snapshot of an environment, including all component versions in its inventory.

Deploy With Snapshot Deploy a snapshot.

Invoke Buztool Invoke Buztool for uploading artifacts to z/OS component versions in UCD.