IBM UrbanCode Deploy Components

Version: 78

uDeploy is Urbancode’s application release automation tool. For more information, see UrbanCode Deploy

Component for creating and managing IBM UrbanCode Deploy components.

Platform Support:

  • This plug-in is supported to run on all operating systems that are supported by the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent.
  • Starting with plug-in version 71, UrbanCode Deploy version or greater is required. Follow the “Download Past Plug-in Versions” button to find plug-ins compatible with older versions of UrbanCode Deploy.

Available Steps

Add Component To TeamAdds a component to a team for a given type classification.

Check If Component ExistsThis step will succeed if the component exists and fail if it doesn’t.

Create ComponentCreates a new component.

Create Component PropertyCreates or sets an existing component property.

Delete ComponentDeletes a component.