IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Version: 7

The IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in provides a full integration between IBM UrbanCode Release and IBM UrbanCode Deploy. It replaces the built-in integration for versions and later of IBM UrbanCode Release. The plug-in also improves performance for the first full synchronization and for delta updates on subsequent synchronizations.

A full synchronization is needed at first to import all objects from IBM UrbanCode Deploy. All synchronization after that imports objects that change and typically does not take more than a few seconds.

The plug-in imports applications, components, component versions, snapshots, environments, deployment processes from IBM UrbanCode Deploy for release management purposes and allow the execution of UrbanCode Deploy deployment processes from IBM UrbanCode Release scheduled deployments.

The plug-in is compatible with IBM UrbanCode Release version and later. It requires IBM UrbanCode Deploy version and later.