IBM UrbanCode Release

Version: 9

This plug-in provides several steps for retrieving and updating information in IBM UrbanCode Release from your IBM UrbanCode Deploy processes, allowing for tighter integration and easier tracking of release status.

Platform Support:

  • This plug-in is supported to run on all operating systems supported by the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent, except for z/OS
  • This plug-in is supported to run against IBM UrbanCode Release v6.0.1.2 or higher

Available Steps

Add Comment to TaskAdd a comment to an automated task that was started from a scheduled deployment.

Add Snapshot StatusAdd a version status to a snapshot.

Check Gate StatusCheck if a snapshot is passing the gates for a specific lifecycle.

Get Release for EnvironmentFind the release that is active for the current environment and save its name as an output property.

Sync SnapshotCreate or update a snapshot in IBM UrbanCode Release.

Update ApplicationUpdate the inventory for an application in IBM UrbanCode Release.