IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Version: 9

This WSRR (WebSphere Service Registry and Repository) plug-in enables you to do the following:

  • Load, activate or delete Configuration Profile of WSRR server
  • Register Web Services to WSRR server

The plug-in provides steps that enables you to manage Configuration Profile and services

  • Activate Configuration Profile
  • Delete Configuration Profile
  • Load Configuration Profile
  • Register Service

The following steps provide and overview of the process you follow

  • Create resources. For the deployment of a server deployment package to a commerce server, you have to populate resources manually. You can view the resources you create in the Resources view. Each resource corresponds to the Commerce server.
  • Define components, applications, and environments to automate deployment.
  • Deploy.

Refer to plugin documentation for system requirements and a complete list of steps available.