IBM z/TPF Beta

Version: Beta

IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility is a high-performance and high-reliability transaction processing operating system for airline, rail, and hotel reservations, and financial transactions systems.

The z/TPF Deploy beta plug-in runs a ZOLDR LOAD command and then a ZOLDR ACTIVATE command on the target z/TPF system. The z/TPF Undeploy beta plug-in runs a ZOLDR DEACTIVATE command and then a ZOLDR DELETE command on the target z/TPF system. The z/TPF Commit beta plug-in runs a ZOLDR ACCEPT command on the target z/TPF system. Together these three plug-ins for IBM UrbanCode™ Deploy can automate the build, promotion, and deployment of artifacts to z/TPF test and production systems, as part of a continuous delivery environment.


These plug-ins are in beta. The interface, functions, and processes of the plug-ins might change. This information is for planning purposes only. The information herein is subject to change or removal without notice before the products described may become available.

Compatibility and Platform Support

The z/TPF plug-ins have the following requirements to run on your z/TPF system:

  • APAR PJ43978 is applied to your z/TPF system.
  • At least one LNIATA interface is configured and assigned for communication between the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agents and the z/TPF system.
  • The z/TPF system is in the NORM state.
  • The debug server must be started on the z/TPF system. To start the debug server, enter ZINET START S-DBUG.
  • The access control rule is enabled for IBM UrbanCode Deploy to access the z/TPF system. To enable this rule, enter the ZDBUG ACCESS command with the ALTER and URBAN parameters specified.

The z/TPF plug-ins require IBM UrbanCode™ Deploy 6.1 or later.


See Installing plug-ins in IBM UrbanCode products.

Release Notes

See the Starter Kit Guide of IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-ins for IBM z/TPF for environment setup and configurations.