JIRA for IBM UrbanCode Release

Version: 15

JIRA is an issue tracking tool. You can use the tool to capture and organize issues, assign work, and track activities. Issues can be anything from development tasks, code errors, project tasks, help-desk tickets, or human resource request forms. The JIRA product is developed by Atlassian.

The JIRA plug-in provides integration with JIRA. You can map JIRA projects to IBM UrbanCode Release applications. All issues in a mapped project are represented by change items in IBM UrbanCode Release. The integration is not bidirectional; you cannot export from IBM UrbanCode Release to JIRA.

Platform Support:

  • This plug-in is supported for use with JIRA version 5 and later.
  • JIRA integration is built into the IBM Urban Code Deploy server. There is no need to install this plug-in. For more information on the built-in integration, see the product help.