JIRA for IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Version: 16

JIRA is an issue tracking tool. You can use the tool to capture and organize issues, assign work, and track activities. Issues can be anything from development tasks, code errors, project tasks, help-desk tickets, or human resource request forms. The JIRA product is developed by Atlassian. For JIRA version older than v5.0, please use plugin v5.

The JIRA plug-in provides integrations with JIRA. You can create and update issues, add comments to an issue, and create reports.

Available Steps

Add Comments Add a comment to one or more JIRA issues.

Check Status Check JIRA issues. This step helps make sure that issues are in the right state before a deployment.

Create Issue Create a new JIRA issue.

Edit Issue Edit fields of existing JIRA issues.

Transition Issue Perform a transition on JIRA issues.

Does issues exist Check if issues with specified issue type exists.