Liquibase is an open source tool that brings source control for tracking, managing and applying database schema changes.

This plug-in is developed and supported by the UrbanCode Deploy Community on IBM-UrbanCode’s GitHub organization. Click the “Visit Project” button at the top of the page to navigate to the project for source code, the plug-in distributable, and further information.


If you encounter issues with the plug-in, or want to send feedback:

Available Steps

Update: Applies given count of change sets is specified. Else updates database to current version.
Rollback: Rolls back change sets.
dbDoc: Execute Liquibase in dbDoc mode to produce or update database reference documentation.
DropAll: Drops all database objects owned by the user.
Tag: Tags the current database state for future rollback.
Generate Changelog: Generates change log of the database.
Export Data: Export the data from the targeted database.
Changelog Sync: Mark all changes as executed in the database.
Update Testing Rollback: Updates the database, then rolls back changes before updating again.
Validate: Checks the changelog for errors.