Microsoft BizTalk

Version: 7

Microsoft’s BizTalk Server is an Enterprise Service Bus. It is designed to enable remote systems to communicate based on business rules defined in the BizTalk application.

The BizTalk Plugin is an automation based plugin. It is used during deployment to import both Biztalk applications as well as bindings, uninstall Biztalk applications, remove Biztalk applications, and execute Biztalk run-book automations.The BizTalk plugin relies on powershell and the bts executable to import new or updated BizTalk applications, start and stop BizTalk applications, and remove or uninstall BizTalk Applications.

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Available Steps

Add Biztalk ApplicationCreate a BizTalk application in the BizTalk Management database

Add Biztalk ResourceAdd an artifact to a BizTalk application

Export Biztalk ApplicationExports a Biztalk Application

Export Biztalk Application BindingsExports Biztalk Application Bindings

Import BindingsImport bindings to a BizTalk application or group

Import or Upgrade Biztalk ApplicationInstalls or updates a Biztalk Application

Remove Biztalk ApplicationRemoves a Biztalk Application

Restart BizTalk HostRestarts a BizTalk host instance

Start Biztalk ApplicationStarts Biztalk Application

Stop Biztalk ApplicationPerforms a Full Stop of Biztalk Application

Uninstall Biztalk ApplicationUninstalls a local Biztalk Application