Microsoft IIS – Configure

Version: 13

To get started with the plug-in, read the plug-in documentation and watch the tutorial video:

You can use the Microsoft IIS – Configure plug-in to manage Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) configurations and applications. The plug-in includes steps to discover configurations and package them into .zip files by using Microsoft Web Deploy, which must be installed on the agent computer. You can modify the configuration files that are produced in the .zip archive file that the plug-in creates. The .zip file created by the plug-in is the same format that is created by the Microsoft Web Deploy package provider. You can use the tokenization steps that the plug-in provides to modify the configuration files to work with multiple environments. After you modify a configuration, you can apply it to the original environment or to a different environment. You can work with entire Microsoft IIS configurations, or at a specific scope such as Sites, Apps, or App Pools.