Oracle Service Bus Configuration Management

Version: 13

Oracle Service Bus connects, mediates, and manages interactions between services and applications.

The plug-in provides steps to support automated application and import of Oracle Service Bus configurations.
Use the provided steps in your processes. They are self-contained.

Connection information file for accessing the WebLogic server
All steps also require connection information for accessing the WebLogic server. It is defined in a JavaBeans configuration file. You provide the path to it in step properties. The wlsMetadata.xml file provided with the plug-in is a working example. You may provide your own.

Configuration files for objects
You create Java™ Management Extensions (JMX) properties files that define the objects. You provide the path to the file in step properties.
Example files are provided in the plug-in for roles and users/groups. See the extras directory.

JAR file paths on the server
The steps rely on the following Java archive (JAR) files on the Oracle Service Bus server. Include the path to them in your classpath.

  • <OracleServerDirectory>/Oracle_OSB1/lib/modules/oracle.servicebus.kernel-api.jar (on versions of Oracle Service Bus later than 11g)
  • <OracleServerDirectory>/Oracle_OSB1/lib/sb-kernel-api.jar (on Oracle Service Bus versions 10g through 11g)
  • <OracleServerDirectory>/Oracle_OSB1/modules/com.bea.common.configfwk_1.7.0.0.jar

For information on platform requirements, see the plug-in documentation.

Available Steps

Refer to the linked documentation for a comprehensive list of available steps.