Oracle WebLogic Server Security Management

Version: 2.504117

The Oracle WebLogic Server security features provide end-to-end security for applications on the WebLogic server.

The Oracle WebLogic Server Security Management plug-in provides processes to work with WebLogic Server security configurations. Steps are provided to create and manage role mappers, roles, realms, and authentication providers.

Platform Support:

  • This plug-in is supported for use with WebLogic Server version 10g or later.

Available Steps

Create Role MapperCreate a role mapper.

Create or Update Authentication ProviderCreate or update an authentication provider.

Create or Update RealmCreate or update a realm.

Manage Users and GroupsManage users and groups from a security realm by using an XML file.

Manage RolesManage roles on the WebLogic server by using an XML file.

Update Authentication ProviderUpdate an authentication provider.

Update RealmUpdate a realm on the WebLogic server.