Oracle WebLogic WLDeploy

Version: 25

The wldeploy Ant task is used to complete weblogic.Deployer functions by using attributes that are specified in an Ant XML file. You can use the wldeploy Ant task with other WebLogic Server Ant tasks to create a single Ant build script.

With the Oracle WeblLogic WLDeploy plug-in, you can run a wldeploy Ant task as part of a deployment process. This plug-in also provides steps for other deployment actions such as: undeploy, deploy, and redeploy. It also can be used to start and stop WebLogic servers and clusters.

Version 14 and later require UrbanCode Deploy version or later, and versions before 14 require UrbanCode Deploy 6.0.1 or later.

If you encounter issues with the plug-in or want to send feedback, take one of the following steps:

Available Steps

Check Application StatusCheck the status of an application on target servers and clusters.

Check Target StatusCheck the status of target servers and clusters.

List Applications on TargetsList all deployed applications for each target and set as the output properties.

Run WLDeployRun a wldeploy Ant task.

Start TargetsStart the target server and clusters.

Stop TargetsStop the target server and clusters.

Wait for ApplicationWait until the status of an application on target servers and clusters is running.