Siebel is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is produced by Oracle.

The Siebel plug-in is a community supported plug-in. Community plug-ins are open source projects that are developed and supported by the IBM UrbanCode development community. Click Visit Project at the top of the page to go to the project for further information.

The Siebel plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy uses the Siebel Java Data Bean (JDB) API and shell processes to connect to a specific Siebel infrastructure and remotely deploy and configure Siebel components.

For details on how the plug-in is constructed, how it works internally, or how to extend it yourself, see the design document that is contained in the project.

The GitHub release of the Siebel plug-in includes steps to complete the following tasks:

  • Automate the Siebel deployment process.
  • Configure business objects. For example: configure applications, groups, and servers.
  • Configure business services. For example: import workflows, Siebel Messages, and business services XML files.
  • Run shell scripts. For example: import repository files, start and stop servers, and generate browsers.


If you encounter issues with the plug-in, or want to send feedback: