Subversion for IBM UrbanCode Build

Version: 11

Subversion is an open source version control software. It is used to maintain current and previous versions of source code, web pages, and documentation.

Subversion was previously developed under the Subversion software project. It is now developed and licensed under the Apache Subversion software project.

The Subversion plug-in checks out and exports code from a Subversion repository to include in the build process. It can also be used to create Subversion branches.

Available Steps

Svn ChangelogPerform a Subversion changelog and publish the results.

Svn CheckoutPerform a Subversion checkout or export.

Svn CleanupPerform a cleanup of the subversion working directory.

Svn Quiet PeriodPerform a Subversion changelog for quiet period detection and publish the results.

Svn TagCreate a branch or tag in Subversion.