Text Utility

The Text-Utils plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy offers various ways to modify files.

The Text-Utils plug-in is a community plug-in. Community plug-ins are open source projects that are developed and supported by the IBM UrbanCode development community. Click Visit Project at the top of the page to go to the project for further information.


If you encounter issues with the plug-in, or want to send feedback:

  • Ask Text-Utils plug-in specific questions on the GitHub Issues page.
  • For general plug-in issues, submit questions to the dW Answers page.
    Use the following tags: urbancode | ucdev | plugins

Available Steps

Append text to a fileAppends a specific string to the end of a file.

Check file contains stringCheck if a file contains the specified string.

Convert file from XML to JSONConvert file from XML format to JSON format.

Search and ReplaceSearch for a string, replace it with another and write to the file.

Search and Replace with RegexSearch for a string with regular expressions, replace it with another and write to the file.