XL Deploy

Version: 1

The XL Deploy plugin integrates UrbanCode Release with XebiaLabs XL Deploy server. The plugin imports applications, environments, deployment packages, and deployment tasks from XL Deploy as objects in UrbanCode Release.

The initial execution of the plugin will run as a “Full Sync”. When a full sync executes everything from XL Deploy is imported. In contrast to a full sync, when a “Delta Sync” is executed only objects that have been modified since the last time the plugin ran will be imported.

The plugin is configured with a full sync interval, which determines how often to run a full sync. For instance, if the interval is set to 24 hours a full sync will occur every 24 hours and every other execution will be a delta sync. A delta sync will not detect items that have been deleted from XL Deploy, which is why it is useful to run a full sync on an interval.

The plugin also allows you to execute XL Deploy deployment tasks from UrbanCode release.

This plugin is compatible with UrbanCode Release version and later.

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