z/OS Management Facility

Version: 14

The z/OS Management Facility (zOSMF) plug-in provides functions to discover software instances provisioned by z/OSMF Cloud Provisioning or z/OS Provisioning Toolkit.

The zOS Management Facility plug-in includes steps to create and manage z/OSMF workflows and software service templates.

Platform Support:

  • z/OSMF Cloud Provisioning is available on z/OS V2R2 (PTF UI42847, UI46543), V2R1 (PTF UI43814) and later
  • This plug-in requires UrbanCode Deploy 6.2.0 or later. Specific resource icons for z/OS software instances are used in UrbanCode Deploy 6.2.6 and later

Available Steps

Create WorkflowCreate a workflow.

Start WorkflowStart a workflow.

Run Published Software Service TemplateDefine input properties for the Run Published Software Service template.