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AccuRev provides version control of source code. It contains features that allow developers to work independently, share code, maintain separate code branches for parallel projects and at the same time use a base stream containing the latest updates.

The AccuRev plug-in integrates IBM UrbanCode Build with AccuRev and automates populating a AccuRev workspace as part of a build process.. The plug-in provides integration properties, that define the connection between the UrbanCode Build server and AccuRev repository. For details, see Repositories.

The repository is configured based on a workflow.


The plug-in runs on any agents that the IBM UrbanCode Build server supports.

This plug-in run on all supported IBM UrbanCode Build platforms.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode products.


Version 6.752929 released on March 9, 2016

Version 6.752929 includes the following features and fixes:

  • Added RPX dependency.
  • Translation for step information.
  • Added support for using the transaction ID in the Changelog step.

Version 5.669681

Version 5.669681 includes the following features and fixes:

  • Updated to append the depot name to all change IDs. This prevents an issue where multiple depots can have the same change ID causing issues to get picked up for depots that do not contain them.

Version 4.604289

Version 4.604289 includes the following features and fixes:

  • Fixed a communication issue where the UrbanCode Build server would fail if it was running with an IBM JDK or JRE.


The following settings are available when you import component versions by using the AccuRev plug-in.

Repository properties
Name Type Description
Command Path String The location of the AccuRev command executable file, if the location is not specified on the system PATH statement.
Depot Name String The name or ID of the AccuRev depot. The depot is the repository on the server for all related source code. The value for this property can be used as part of the source config stream name with ${source/repo/depotName}. If set, this will be recorded with any source changes for use by the AccuWork plug-in.
Password Password The password to be used to connect to the AccuRev server.
Password Script String The property to use for the password to connect to the AccuRev server. For example: ${p:AccuRevPassword}. If this property is specified, do not specify a value for the Password property.
Repository Host String The location of the AccuRev server. Specify in the format: host:port.
User Name String The user name to be used to connect to the AccuRev server.
Integration properties
Name Type Description
Directory Offset String The directory offset of the working directory for the current job. Use a period (.) to clone into the current working directory.
Exclude Filters String A list of user names to exclude.
File Filters String Restrict the changelog to files matching these patterns. Start each lines with a plus sign (+) to include or minus sign (- )to exclude. You can use the following wildcards in the pattern: *, **, and ?.
Populate Locations String A list of depot-relative path for the files that you want to populate the workspace or stream. The pop command is use to restore the listed files. Only the specified files are updated, without building the associated directory tree.
Repository The AccuRev repository to be used.
Revision String The version that is to be checked out.
Stream String The stream that is to be checked out.