Plug-in Documentation

CA SCM (formerly Harvest)



The CA SCM source configuration plug-in enables you to import artifacts as component version


This UrbanCode Deploy source configuration plug-in works with all current supported versions of CA Harvest SCM.

This plug-in requires version 6.0.1 or later of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

This plug-in is supported to run on all operating systems that are supported by the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.


Process steps in the CA SCM plug-in

Harvest Checkout

Use hco to checkout files from CA SCM

Input properties for the
Harvest Checkout step
Name Type Description Required
File Search Patterns String New line separated list of patterns to match files to be retrieved. Yes
Package Name String The name of the package to checkout. No
Project Name String The name of the project. Yes
State String The State to checkout from. Yes
Use Only Package Versions Boolean Check here to only get versions from the package specified. No
View Path String The view path to use. Yes