Plug-in Documentation

IBM UrbanCode Deploy General Utilites


The General Utilities plugin automates a number of general utilities as a process step. This plug-in is installed as part of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

This plug-in includes one step:


This plug-in requires IBM UrbanCode Deploy version 6.0 or later.

This plug-in runs on all operating systems that UrbanCode Deploy supports.


No special steps are required for installation. This plug-in is included with the installation of IBM Urban Code Deploy. If you have to install the plug-in again, see Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.


With the Wait step you can suspend processing for a specified number of seconds.

Step palette

To access this plug-in in the palette, click Utilities > General Utilities.


Process steps in the General Utilities plug-in


Use this step to tell the process to wait for the specified number of seconds before the process resumes.

Input properties for the Wait step
Name Type Description Required
Duration (seconds) String The number of seconds to wait. Yes