Plug-in Documentation

IBM UrbanCode Deploy


The IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in provides integration between the IBM UrbanCode Release server and an IBM UrbanCode Deploy server.


This plug-in requires IBM UrbanCode Release version and later. It also requires IBM UrbanCode Deploy version and later.

This plug-in runs on the operating systems that UrbanCode Release supports.


No special steps are required for installation. See Installing plug-ins in UrbanCode Deploy.


Version 7

Adding UCD Process Properties to Task.

Version 4

Server Host Name and Authentication Token are now required properties.

Version 3

Support property file encryption.

Version 2

Provide a new HTTP Timeout field to allow timeout to be set on requests made to UCR and UCD

Version 1

Initial release of the plug-in.


The UrbanCode Deploy plug-in simplifies integration with the UrbanCode Deploy server. Integration with IBM UrbanCode Deploy allows you to import and monitor deployment of applications defined in UrbanCode Deploy. After communication is established between the two servers, you can import UrbanCode Deploy objects into UrbanCode Release, such as applications, components, component versions, snapshots, environments, and deployment processes. You can also schedule automatic execution of UrbanCode Deploy deployment processes from UrbanCode Release deployments.

Initially, a full synchronization is needed to import all objects from IBM UrbanCode Deploy. Subsequent imports can be scheduled for a regular interval and only objects that have changed since the last import are updated. Subsequent imports run in the background. The initial full synchronization will take several minutes and subsequent synchronizations a few seconds. After the data is imported into UrbanCode Release, you can monitor the lifecycle for the UrbanCode Deploy applications.


The following integration settings are available when you install the IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in.

Integration properties
Name Type Description Required
Authentication Token Password The authentication token to use to connect to the UrbanCode Deploy server. No
Check Authentication Test the connection with the UrbanCode Deploy server. No
Full Sync Boolean Import the full data set from the UrbanCode Deploy server. If not enabled, only
data that has been modified since the last integration is imported.
Server Host Name String The fully-qualified URL of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server. No